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Always having a fascination with the ocean and being a wannabe diver, I’m loving this podcast. Please keep it up!

Wonderful stories

Fantastic stories for those who love oceans and for those who aren’t sure. wonderful stories of people who persue their passions

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Fascinating and engaging stories from people who love the Ocean. You can hear their passion in each tale.

Captures the mysteries of the ocean in wonderful true stories

This podcast introduces listeners to researchers, mermaids, divers, and others who work in and around the ocean. The interviews are always interesting and make me wish I could tag along on their journeys for just a day. Luckily through this podcast I can. If you love the ocean, love its inhabitants…

Totally beautiful and fascinating

This series beautifully captures the wonder, mystery and magic of the ocean. It’s utterly fascinating and supremely well done.

Great Podcast!

The stories of those interviewed have created a desire within me to consider scuba diving, despite my fear of big water. I also found myself emotionally impacted by the interviews with people so deeply connected to the ocean. Highly recommend!

Big Good

Great stories and interviews, even if you are terrified of sharks, like I am.

Excellent stories about people who are passionate about the ocean

I may be a bit biased, but I loved this show. I just love hearing all the different ways the ocean moves people. From scuba divers to free divers, marine biologists to nuclear power plant divers, just fascinating stories.